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If you’re in a dilemma about which perfume is best for you, you’re on the right page. We have prepared quite an extensive list of top perfumes from many renowned perfume brands from all over the world. The base idea of this section was to make the challenging process of picking the best smelling perfumes a little bit easier for you. We have arranged this list from over 20000 scents into an easy-to-access collection of perfumes. You can explore the best perfumes for a specific season, occasion, or solely on the performance of perfumes. Based on your ratings and our metrics, these top perfumes are the best and nicest smelling of them all. Whether you are looking for some of the most iconic and classy perfumes ever made. Or want to bring your right foot forward to an important meeting at the office or for a date, you can do so while smelling of your favorite perfume!


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Top perfumes for Winter

Winter can certainly be a wonderland! Crisp, new snow falling every day, the scent of fresh pine from the Christmas tree in the air, spending quality time with your loved ones, and, of course, presents. The perfect gift for your beloved can be a winter perfume, that can capture this magical moment and keep it alive for months to come. Winter is also the holiday season, full of family gatherings and exquisite dinners. If you want to impress everyone at the dinner table, wear a delicate smelling perfume and get compliments all night long. If you have to go outside in these cold days, why not pick a scent to remind you of your warm home, freshly made Christmas cake, and a pleasant cup of tea. When the winter passes, to remind you of the chill winter days in the seasons to come, select a perfume with notes of cinnamon, firewood, and fresh cookies. Find them at Savour Experience.

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The best way to select a set of fragrances to be presented to you as the best of the best in a specific area is to ask people about their preferences. Which we did when creating these collections. We hope you will like them.

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Numerous questionnaires were created and shared with our community to compile these lists. We take our work very seriously, which is why we took this road. Now, the only thing left for you is to find your heavenly perfume and enjoy it!

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All lists of perfumes you can browse on this page are selected by our community members. The final result was a list of amazing perfumes picked for the most common scenarios in life. Those situations when you need to grab attention with your cologne. Picking top perfumes is not easy. There are always going to be some unmentioned godlike perfumes that did not make it into our lists. But here are those ever-green scents that most people do enjoy, so it is really hard to go wrong with them. And of course, you will be able to filter each section of top perfumes by gender. That way, you will be able to display top women's perfumes, or top men's perfumes, even some top unisex perfumes as well. What is there left to say except, enjoy!