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In this section, you only need to select any of the note categories. You will be presented with information about that category, and perfume notes will be displayed as well. Of course, if you wish to explore more than a few notes, feel free to click the 'Load More' button, and additional perfume notes will be brought to you. The perfume note list is randomly populated, so you would get the chance to experience different scents every time. Of course, you can get to the page dedicated to any note and then find your top perfumes that smell like this perfume note. We are certain that you will enjoy playing around with this page and its features.


Perfumes would be unimaginably dull and one-dimensional without their characteristic woody notes. They add richness, depth, longevity, and balance to otherwise floral, fruity, or clean notes, and these contrasts work splendidly together to make a perfect woody perfume. Certain structures can have the characteristic woody scent without being wood – resins, moss, pine cones, bushes, patchouli, and vetiver and are a staple for this type of perfume. Because of their ambiguous smell which is neither strictly feminine nor masculine, they are good scents to use for unisex perfumes. Woody notes can appear in a plethora of combinations: woody floral, leather, aromatic, spicy, and many more. Because they are so plentiful, we classified them in the Woody category for easier access to your favorite perfumes with woody scents.

Here are a few perfume note results

After you have selected the perfume note category that interests you, you will get a list of perfume notes here. These notes are actually fragrance oils, some of them natural, some of them synthetic. And they are all being used as we speak in the process of making your favorite perfumes. If the perfume with a specific list of notes is really a solid perfume, the entire mix of perfume notes is built to last and project. That can be achieved by carefully placing fragrance oils as base, mid, and top scents for the perfume. Of course, calculating the amounts for each oil very essential. We are not going to waste more of your precious time. Here are perfume notes for the selected category...