About us


Our base idea is to provide people with valuable platforms and useful information on many different topics. Of course, not just do that, but do it with style, and incorporate the latest and greatest that web development can offer! We strive towards perfection in every aspect of our work. That is why every product we make represents our dream design's pure essence for the purpose it needs to fill. That is why people love our work and consider it very unique and exciting to use. We are not a large team. We are still a very young company, but with high spirits and high motivation. Our goal is to stay different and always look for quality instead of quantity.


ChromCast LLC is a very young company stationed in the US. It consists of a very ambitious team of programmers and designers eager to move the limits and work by the pure agile development methodology while challenging the status quo. Of course, we all love perfumes with all our hearts. That is what made us create this platform. We did it just because we felt passionate about perfumes. So passionate that we wanted to contribute to the community and present it with a single most modern and easy-to-use platform on the market.

The only type of projects we are working on are projects that we believe in with our whole hearts. That way, we do not waste time on projects that we do not feel passionate about. That is why we do not build some mediocre products. We need that burning desire to create something unique that people can enjoy and wonder about the guys who made such an excellent tool for them. And if you are reading this paragraph, you probably do see the value of our work. Thank you for that! One might say that we are a small team composed of highly motivated friends working on a single goal. We have started working together as a product of our mutual dreams and desires to make great platforms useful to everyone interested in that particular niche. And to be honest, we love doing just that.

When we decide to work on some project, we use only the latest technologies. We pay a lot of attention to coding standards and flexibility to change and expand existing projects without breaking a sweat. We love that fact and are very proud of it because it makes all the difference in the long run. An agile team that is highly motivated and loves what they do can always be ahead of the competition.


To be able to use only the latest technologies, we need to improve and learn continually. That is precisely the thing that we love and enjoy doing, so it poses no problem for us. And in the end, that is what makes our products very special and modern-looking—every single time. After all this effort that goes into every project we work on, the final result must be breathtaking. It just has to be. We do not accept the second prize in any area. Only a gold medal is what interests us. We strive towards creating products with great user experiences, striking designs, and outstanding performance. And we are continually developing just that.

We are working with the following technologies: ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework or Dapper, and Blazor. Of course, technologies like jQuery, JavaScript, and vanilla HTML and CSS are an essential part of the equation. If you like what you just read about us in this concise briefing, you appreciate our mentality and have a project that you think we might be interested in helping you out with. Please feel free to contact us and present your idea so we can maybe collaborate in the future.