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Youtube is the new television – many people, young and old, turn to it as a source of information, fun, and knowledge. So, why not learn a little bit more about perfumes? There are a lot of perfume enthusiasts and perfumer experts alike that have a large following on Youtube. A great deal of them are professional perfumers, so when watching their videos, you can feel like you’re there in their room, making a perfume with them. Also, watching their videos helps them grow and expand their perfume business, so you’re giving back to the perfume community. Other Youtube perfumers like to help you choose your perfect perfume by focusing on certain great fragrances this season. All that with a single goal, to make sure you will not buy a scent that you might not like.

Video content posted by our star influencers

Most of our perfume influencers are posting on YouTube or Instagram. That means that their main way of communicating with their community is via videos. How can we then leave out this essential segment about our influencers? We can't leave it out. We have to display their work and share it with you. In their videos, you will be able to find their top perfume recommendations. You will be able to learn how to apply fragrances properly. You will be able to learn which perfumes do not have an excellent performance, so you can evade them and skip being disappointed. A lot of value is sitting and waiting for you in this section...

Blog posts created by our influencers

Some people would rather watch a movie than read a book. Others think that videos are way too edited and high-paced for their taste. Still, most people are in between of those two extremes. Most enthusiasts love every medium that can portray a story. Why do perfumes have to be any different? Of course, you have to find someone you like and trust to inform you in the right way about your perfume purchases. This category is where your influencers post their blogs about the perfume world and perfumes that caught their eye. You can find information about discontinued and influential perfumes here. Any list you can imagine! Your next signature scent for this season can be lurking in one of the influencer’s blogs. This is the place to go to if you want blog updates from your perfume connaisseurs!

Perfume photo gallery is waiting for you

Images are everywhere around us. Wherever you look, people are taking pictures, creating memories. We decided not to feel excluded from this trend, so we added the images section. Our influencers are sharing their incredible images with perfumes in this section. We know that images that are going to be posted here are going to get the attention of people using our platform. Because we believe in the quality and artistic core of all of us perfume lovers. The images will be exquisite for sure! Perfume images are a great way to show off your impressive perfume collection. You can also share some creative ways to use perfumes or just share pieces of your life with our fragrance community.