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Make the world more beautiful. What if our imagination had the power to change the world? What is the mission of Kenzo Parfums? To make the world more beautiful. By recreating it. By anticipating the time period, signs and vibrations that generate creative sparks. By continually exploring new territories. By drawing inspiration from nature, and the multi-faceted, sensitive and united spirit of mankind. By helping to save our planet and human beings worldwide. By fighting for better environmental, economic and human balance. To create an ever more beautiful world. The power of imagination. Invent the scent of water, bottle it and identify the fragrance of happiness. Kenzo is brimming with creative energy, an inexhaustible and forever renewable soft power that brings greater beauty, joy and fruitfulness to the world. Create harmony in deconstruction. Bring together abundance with structure. Stylize nature and introduce it where it is not supposed to grow. Add an eccentric or refined Japanese touch. Kenzo, an audacious and whimsical blend of genres. A disruptive and incongruous, yet eternally poetic mix&match. A touch of fantasy that astonishes and cheerfully overturns banality. The power of youth. Of spontaneity. Of smiles. Of energy. Of inventiveness. Those who know it is not the number of years that counts, but rather one’s ability to preciously hold onto the child within. Youth that drives a caring, welcoming, multicultural and collaborative Utopian community in action. Young, free and imaginative minds nourished by extraordinary optimism. With their heads in the clouds and feet planted firmly on the ground, they revolutionize the codes and bring a wind of change over society. Together, they put their dream vision of the world into action. A world that is inspired, open and pacifist. A more beautiful world. The power of an open mind. Accessible. Inclusive. Democratic. Kenzo is a brand that embraces all aspects of the city and the world, and sees diversity and the mixture of cultures as natural riches. Blending worlds and genres. The creation of a world of possibilities, at the crossroads of East and West. The re-enchantment of daily life and the city by letting nature take its course on the asphalt. The awakening of our animal instinct in the midst of the urban jungle. Inviting the senses to take an imaginary journey to regain a sense of wonder. Kenzo paves the way to new imaginary worlds and invents novel blended, transgenerational and universal lifestyles. The power of freedom. Kenzo expresses itself through positive irreverence. A unique smile. An unconventional tone. A touch of excess and the joyous desire to overturn codes and bring a bit of magic to the world of perfumery. Kenzo continues to create astonishment with audacity, poetry and humor.

147 Perfumes
15 Collections

Perfume collections and colognes designed by Kenzo

Kenzo is a well known perfume brand from France, Paris . Over its years of existence, Kenzo has left us with more than 147 perfumes, categorized in more than 14 perfume collections We can easily say that Kenzo is one of the worlds top perfume brands, based on their impact over the years. Their colognes and toiletes are receiving compliments all over the world as you are reading this sentence.

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