Atelier Des Ors

Atelier Des Ors, Haute Parfumerie with poetry was born from the desire of its creators for the heritage of French Haute Parfumerie. Unlimited passion for the distinctive olfactory chords and partitions, passion for gold that their artists and craftsmen handle with virtuosity poetically magnify each of its creations in a glittering ballet of stardust. Gold, quest of eternity, mingle in their creations with rare essences. In a gilded caress. Its spiritual and symbolic dimension is an integral part of Atelier Des Ors fragrances. The greatest stories and adventures are often born of an encounter. Their was this desire to create differently and express a personal vision of French Haute Parfumerie. Jean-Philippe developed the idea of this unique perfume workshop during his years of experience in rare products. A fragrance house dedicated to precious essences and the most exclusive and fascinating raw materials. Recognized perfumer and heir of a long tradition, Marie, was responsible for each of Atelier Des Ors creations; five magnetic, passionate, elegant, and sophisticated fragrances.

19 Perfumes
4 Collections

Perfume collections and colognes designed by Atelier Des Ors

Atelier Des Ors is a well known perfume brand from France. Over its years of existence, Atelier Des Ors has left us with more than 19 perfumes, categorized in more than 3 perfume collections We can easily say that Atelier Des Ors is one of the worlds top perfume brands, based on their impact over the years. Their colognes and toiletes are receiving compliments all over the world as you are reading this sentence.

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