Best ways to apply fragrance on your clothes

Posted On: 3/8/2022

First things first, should you apply your perfume to your clothes at all? If you still do not know the answer to this question, we have a perfect post for you! It is called "How to apply perfume properly? Skin or clothes?". In it, we spent a lot of time trying to point out all the main benefits and setbacks of wearing your perfume on your skin and clothes.

The final verdict from our side is that you want to decide for yourself because all of us have personal preferences and see things differently, and are looking for different things from perfumes. You have three options, the first one is to wear your perfumes only on your skin, the second one is to wear it only on your clothes, and the third one is to apply perfume both on your skin and your clothes.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of applying perfume in each of these ways:

1. Only skin

The perfume will last shorter because the heat from your body will make sure that the perfume will evaporate quickly.

That means that the perfume will have a much more significant sillage and projection while the alcohol is evaporating. This was expected because a larger quantity of perfume oils is being released into the air as more alcohol evaporates in the same time interval.

Another benefit of wearing the perfume on your skin is that you will get to enjoy the magic of the dry-down phase of the perfume. If you are not familiar with this term, feel free to read our post "What are perfume notes? Complete guide" because we will explain this term in-depth in it.

The dry-down phase takes place after the mid notes of our perfume have started to fade away, thus leaving only base notes to keep on lingering on our skin. That is when these base notes start to display a different face on each person's skin. This phenomenon results from base notes reacting with our skin's chemistry, providing us with a final result that is different from the initial aroma.

2. Only clothes

The perfume will last much longer.

That is because perfume oils will have a lot more stable base to bind to. We are talking about the fibers of our clothes, of course. Also, our clothes do not radiate the same amount of heat as our body, making it a lot harder for alcohol from the perfume to evaporate. That is why the perfume will last a lot longer.

But, of course, that means that the projection and sillage will be weaker when compared to our perfume being evaporated more quickly from the surface of our skin. Do not get us wrong, the heat from your body does manage to warm up your clothes enough, so they start releasing the perfume into the air, but at a slower rate.

But the main drawback of wearing perfume on your clothes is the fact that the perfume will never reach that dry-down magical phase. Perfumers are strictly against this movement of wearing perfume on our clothes because of this reason. We really do miss out on a very sensational experience of our perfume changing its scent just for us, making it unique on our skin.

3. Both skin and clothes

Now this is a whole new story.

If you wish to apply perfume on your skin and then just enhance its performance and durability by applying a bit on your clothes as well, then perfumers are mostly not against this move. And you can get the best results from both worlds.

You will get immediate projection and sillage provided by the skin's heat and instant release of oils into the air. But you will also get extended longevity provided by the perfume evaporating a bit slower from our clothes. You will still enjoy the dry-down phase, but in a bit altered fashion, because when the dry-down phase starts occurring on our skin, our clothes are providing a fresh dose of perfume that is not reacting with our skin. That way, it will be a bit harder for us to smell the unique finish of the perfume provided by its dry-down phase.

To make the story a bit shorter, the main benefit of wearing perfume on your clothes is that you will extend perfume's life expectancy a lot, but you will lower its projection significantly as well.

Now, if you are wondering why that is the case, you might want to consider reading the post where we explain, "Why do perfumes contain alcohol?". That is the post where we explained how the perfume gets released into the air and how it happens.

If you did not read our post called "How to apply perfume properly? Skin or clothes?", you might not be aware of certain limitations. There are situations when you do not want to apply your perfume to your clothes, no matter the benefits! Here are a few things that you have to consider before applying perfume to your clothes:

  1. It has to be biodegradable
  2. It has to be colorless
  3. It has to be nontoxic

If any of these points is not checked, you risk ruining your clothes (even possibly ruin your health if it is toxic). On the other hand, if all of these points are checked and fine, you can apply the perfume to your clothes without worrying about ruining them.

Ok, now we can finally start talking about our suggestions on applying perfume to your clothes

1. Scarf

It is a very nice idea to apply some of your signature perfume to your scarf. That way, the scarf is going to get warmed up by your neck (which tends to radiate a lot of heat), thus releasing perfume to follow you around. Also, it is positioned perfectly to ensure a very dominant sillage and enable you to enjoy the scent because it is very close to your nose.

Also, when you whip your scarf around your neck, it will sweep people around you off their feet for sure because you will release a lot of scents into the air. Overall, this is a lovely place to apply perfume, of course, when you decide to wear a scarf.

2. Jewelry

This might be a weird place to apply your perfume, but it can be an amazing idea. But before we take a deep dive into the benefits that this type of perfume application can bring you, we want to warn you about the potential problems it might bring.

So, if you apply perfume to your jewelry, you are risking damaging it or making it change color. That is why we want you to make sure that the piece of jewelry you wish to bathe in your perfume can take it without being destroyed by the alcohol or oils from the perfume. Now that we got that out of the way, we can start our talking about the actual perfume application.

Jewelry is great for your perfume because we tend to wear it in areas we usually apply perfume to. We are talking about the neck and wrists, so your necklaces and bracelets are perfect for this cause. The fact that your necklace is going to be around your neck means that it will be able to spread the scent around you very easily, as was the case with a scarf. On the other hand, bracelets will spread the scent as you move your arms around. Again, allowing the perfume to stay present for an extended period.

These are great places to apply perfume, as long as you are sure that the jewelry will not pay the price for your extended perfume enjoyment.

3. Around your neck

If you do not wear a scarf or necklaces, you might want to employ this tactic.

You can always apply some perfume to the area around your neck. We are talking about your clothes, so go as close to the neck while still spraying the clothes. That way, you will receive extended life expectancy, all the while still being able to smell the perfume yourself and present it to everyone around you.

This approach might even be better than the previous two because you do not have to alter your style in order to apply perfume in this area. Flexibility is always a nice thing to have at your disposal.

Of course, when it comes to the performance of the perfume, you will get very comparable results to the previous two scenarios. Still, extended longevity, lower projection, and sillage, but a very good location for the perfume to linger in the air around you.

4. On your sleeves

If you do not enjoy wearing bracelets but still want to enhance your perfume's longevity on your wrists, the sleeves are your go-to place to apply the perfume. Of course, if you are wearing clothes with sleeves.

The final result of applying perfume in the sleeve area is very similar to the one provided by bracelets. You will spread the perfume around you every time you move your arms through the air. Which is what we are looking for.

It is always nice to be surprised by the presence of our favorite perfume after a long day at work. It can be a rewarding feeling, making us get that last burst of energy before calling it a day. This is something that perfume on the sleeve can help us out with for sure.

5. On your chest

Our chest is another great location for our perfume to be applied.

It will make it easy for the perfume to be enjoyed from all around you and make it present for longer, compared to your skin. Everything is pretty much the same as in previous scenarios. The heat from our body will release perfume, but a bit slower, making it last longer and project less.

You can read our post about "Best body parts to apply perfume". There you will see all body parts that are a good idea for you to apply fragrance. And you can apply all of that knowledge to this topic, but just extend the longevity and lower projection and sillage.

Voila, we can end this post here.

6. Perfume cloud

Maybe not before we discuss this topic.

In our post about "How to apply perfume properly? Skin or clothes?" we were talking about the application of perfume by walking through a cloud of perfume. We were very much against that movement (unless you are doing it for your personal joy and not caring about the performance of the perfume).

The story is very similar when it comes to applying perfume to our clothes, but a bit more forgiving. The fact that perfume sticks to fibers of our clothes a bit easier than to our skin, you can collect a bit more perfume when walking through a cloud. But you will again diminish the performance significantly.

Now, you are ready for some practice. Get out there and test your newly acquired skills of perfume application! We are certain that you will know how to get the most out of every situation and accommodate any combination of clothes.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and have found it useful!

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