A perfume for each occasion

Posted On: 12/24/2020

Generally, people like multifunctional items. Like mobile phones: they have replaced many an object, like cameras, regular phones, pagers, photo albums... And a lot more still left to count. A trend of all-in-one items is noticeable, but it is not a perfect solution for many things. For example, if you wanted an all-in-one perfume, that perfume would most likely be a fluke in at least some occasion. Perfumes do not tolerate compromises (much like people), so you must be careful on what occasion you wear your perfume so that you could skip the judgemental stares and snarky comments.

Imagine this: you’re about to have an interview at the firm of your life. You prepare carefully, going through your resume, practicing your answers to some common questions, and put much thought into what you’re going to wear that day. But, you think that wearing a powerful perfume will convey your dominance to the interviewers and suggest to them that you’re the perfect fit for them. When you arrive at the firm, you realize your mistake – the office where you’ll be interviewed is a lot smaller than you anticipated. Every time you gesticulate, your interviewers get a whiff of your strong perfume and instinctively scrunch their nose, and in the end, they really don’t want to be there in the same room as you anymore. So, what could you have done to circumvent this situation? Well, you could wear a subtle, fresh, aqueous, or citrusy perfume that would complement your talk, but not overshadow it with strong notes. So, no Pure perfume for you, but rather a cologne or Eau fraiche.

Another new situation which requires a good first impression is, of course, a date. Unfortunately, the quick lifestyle that we live in does not leave much space for second impressions, so if you’re keen on swooning your date, you must convey your best in the first couple of minutes. And, what’s better than enticing them at the first moment you reach out for a greeting and leave them wanting for more? A handy perfume might come to your aid, and of course, the place where you put the perfume is important too. If you’re going on a day date, better keep it rather light and add some spice to it, so that you’re not all vanilla. Or, if a late-night date is an option, better opt for a unique perfume so that you can leave your date guessing your scent all night.

These situations are often high stress, and sometimes you just need to relax. When you’re after work chilling at a bar, or maybe casually strolling the city looking for a perfect cappuccino, try something soft and delicate like a flowery scent. They can convey the feeling of relaxation to everyone you’re with, or even if you’re by yourself you can loosen up a little bit.

After a while, you may be bored by the chillness of things and you might seek some excitement at, for example, a club or a late-night dinner with some friends. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a great time, but where there is a large grouping of people, it can be really hard to stand out and have yourself be heard and seen. Therefore, you can freely choose scents that are long-projecting and playful, so that you can divert the attention all to yourself. You cannot go wrong with a strong, sweet fragrance that has a good and long-lasting presence that will turn heads.

There are times where you want to go with refreshing and subtle scents. If you ace your interview and get the dream job, it is best to use a light and citrusy fragrance not to overpower your colleagues. If you decide to go to the beach to chill after work or want to pump it up at the gym to relieve your stress, you can just reapply your perfume after work and remain fresh during your workout or surf.

After listing a couple of occasions and types of perfumes, you might think that you’d have to buy a lot of perfumes just to get the impression right. However, you can work with what you’ve got – a lot of perfumes are not just flowery, but they can also have spicy, citrusy, or woody notes to complement them so you can use them interchangeably in many occasions. Winter perfumes that are warm and sweet can also be used in a club setting because in both cases you’d like a perfume with good projection and a strong scent profile. Perfumes advertised for work, gyms, or relaxing occasions have similar profiles and you can build up your scent without mistake. So, don’t be intimidated by the multitude of occasions – rather take a good look at your collection and learn the scent profiles of your perfumes to make an informed decision!

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