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Welcome to Savour Experience Perfumes

This is the platform to be if you are a perfume enthusiast. If you are looking for a really good smelling perfume. Whether niche perfume or designer perfume, we got you covered! This is not a place for you to just browse our top lists of perfumes. We enjoy hearing YOUR opinions about perfumes. There is almost not a single thing essential for picking the perfect perfume for you that we did not cover on our platform. You can enjoy browsing our perfume calculators. Comparing perfume pages, pages dedicated to women's perfumes, men's colognes, or unisex perfumes. Not to mention our very easy-to-use search areas. We even created an entire page devoted to searching for a solid fragrance just for you. This site is more than a list of fragrances. It is a whole perfume world that we created for you to enjoy!

You can find over

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That sounds like a lot, right? And it is! We want you to be able to find almost any perfume on our platform. Whether you search for top-selling women's perfumes, new men's perfumes, or unisex scents, we got you covered.

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People are constantly talking about their favorite types of perfumes and posting reviews about them.That way, you will be able to see how people rated longevity, scent, sillage, and many other properties of amazing perfumes available on our platform.

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We have created tons of ways for our fragrance enthusiasts to enjoy our platform actively. You can post images, comments, reviews, create your personal perfume collections, follow your favorite perfume brands, and so much more!

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Finding your perfect heavenly perfume is not always easy. As is the case for most things in life, finding a perfect perfume that is going to fit your preferences is not easy. That is why we created quite a few tools to enable you to find any perfume with ease. We have a page for listing top men's perfumes, as well as women's perfumes. Even unisex colognes are covered. And the best thing is that you can explore results based on specific occasions. Our fragrance calculator page enables you to do a quick perfume quiz. After you do the quiz, we will suggest a few perfect fragrances that you will likely enjoy based on your answers. There are also pages dedicated to specific genders, so you can browse perfumes with ease. Feel free to explore them all. Finding your perfect scent was never this easy!

Perfumes by gender

Are you looking for gender-specific perfumes? Look no further. Here is the exact thing you need...

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Do you wish to compare two perfumes? This page is designed to help you decide which one is more to your liking...

Scent calculator

Do our fragrance finder quiz and explore some excellent perfumes for your taste. Find a new amazing perfume with ease.

Top picks by occasion

Some scents never go out of style. Explore fantastic perfumes categorized by occasion. Enjoy!

New perfumes just waiting to be appreciated

New fragrances are being formulated while you are reading this sentence. All those big perfume brand names constantly create new ways to impress your senses with their latest releases. Here you can see the latest releases from the perfume world waiting to become a part of your perfume collection display. We know that perfumes are pricey. That is why we have collected data all around the internet to help you decide if these new perfumes are worth your time and money. You will find perfumes here for every season and occasion, from sweet floral fragrances to musky, woody scents. Perfumes are being released all year long, so there is a need for a category that will display only brand-new perfumes. All that so you don’t miss a thing. In this list, you can differentiate between men’s colognes, women’s perfumes, and unisex scents by the perfume’s background color.

Perfume photo gallery sits in front of you

Looking at the images posted on our platform makes us feel so proud. The pure artwork and enthusiasm of people posting photos are amazing. We had to display images they shared with all of you on our landing page. It might be considered a crime not to show off such high-quality stuff with everyone. We love sharing excellent content with our community, and the product of that are images in front of you. Photos are randomly selected from our database, so you will be greeted by different images each time you visit us. You got to love that! Feel free to browse them all, and hit that like button for the ones you fancy.

Some of the top perfume brand names

Chanel. Gucci. Dior. Dolce & Gabbana. These are the brands that everyone knows about. Their every new perfume release generates a lot of news, which is expected when leaders in the industry are at stake. But there are so many perfume brands that are not so well known among most people who create true art pieces of their perfumes. We wish to share some of those brands with you. We want you to learn more about them, explore their creations. You will be thanking us for sure. These brands push the limit on their irresistible scents. Their scents range from classic flowery perfumes all the way to exotic spicy scents. Their eye-catching perfume bottle designs are also adding to the overall artistic feel they tend to create. That is why we display them here. It’s because they’ve caught many eyes in the fragrance industry, and we feel that you will be most intrigued by them and their work.

Few brand perfumes we wish to share with you

It is time to display a few colognes designed and brought to you by this perfume brand. The best way to get to know a fragrance brand is to check out their releases. So please do not hesitate to go around this section and inspect every single creation. If you are already familiar with this perfume brand's work, then you know what to expect from them. Feel free to get to know their creations a bit better might be an amazing idea. Of course, these are only a few random perfume creations. You will still have tons of perfumes to explore on their dedicated page.

What Savour Experience can offer you

We are a single most comprehensive perfume-enthusiast platform. There is no better way to prove that than to share some numbers with you. These numbers are supposed to give you a more realistic image of the sheer vastness that is contained in our community. You will be able to explore over 20000 perfumes, which is probably the main reason you are here. But there is tons of other perfume-related content just waiting for you to explore and enjoy. Learning more about perfumer genius who created your favorite scent might be one of the fun things to do. Or maybe explore our perfume-related blog post library when you wish to learn something interesting and new.






Some very interesting topics from the perfume world

Our attention is focused on the complete fragrance enthusiast's needs. That is why we provide as many different ways to steal people's interest in the fragrance game as possible. The result of that is us working on various fields to create fragrance-related content. Whether it is a video, some top fragrances list, or some nice perfume image. Still, we did not forget one of the oldest ways on the internet to interest people in something, and that is via blogs. We are trying to find some exciting topics about perfumes and present the stuff to you interestingly and originally. That way, we can all enjoy the content together. And our perfume bloggers are looking forward to sharing their experiences with the community.

Influencers of the perfume world are here...

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. We have a lot of platforms nowadays to broadcast our thoughts, interests, and hobbies. We live in the 21st century, and you can find everything you like and enjoy on the Internet – including perfume influencers. Perfume influencers use their platform of choice to promote, shed light on, or put their favorite perfumes on display! Many of them even own perfumeries and choose the notes for their fragrances themselves. One might say that they are not only influencers. They are perfumers as well. You almost get the feeling of watching over their shoulder when they are making their post. Now, more than ever, people feel more included in perfume making. So, we’ve made a list of people who do it best in the perfume industry. That way, you can find the content you like on our platform. In one place, organized and well prepared just for you to enjoy!

Here is our fun fact or quote of the day handpicked for you to enjoy

Every perfume ever created is composed of perfume notes. Each perfume note is created from some natural or synthetic oils. Those perfume oils are created by incorporating very complex extraction processes to capture the smell of a flower, a fruit, or even pizza. What makes each perfume unique and makes us look at the process of creating perfumes as an art form is a fact that options are endless. On our platform alone, we have over 1500 unique perfume notes. Each of those notes can be mixed in a different ratio in combination with any other perfume note that is available. Thus making available options unlimited. Here, we are going to share only a few colognes that contain this perfume note in its heart. Maybe you enjoy the scent it provides when incorporated into the perfume. Why not find new perfumes that share that same scent?

See what people have to say about perfumes

Why are perfume reviews so important to us? That might be the case because we know that the perfume-making process is entirely abstract and considered an art form. And art is subjective, everyone sees it with a different set of eyes. That fact makes the whole process of picking that pure seduction perfume challenging to do. But, there is a way to make it easier. When you consider that most people do enjoy some scent, chances are that you will enjoy it as well. Which is the exact place where reviews come to the rescue. We paid a lot of attention to making our reviews as relevant and informative as possible. That way, people could learn as much about each fragrance as possible from reading reviews and comments about them. So come, enjoy some feedback about our perfumes.

Perfumer world is unveiled in front of you

Have you ever wondered who created your favorite perfume? Who created pieces of art scents like 1 Million, Acqua di Gio, Alien, and others like those? Who are perfumers? Perfumers are people who create perfumes. But we feel like they do not get enough credits for their work. It is not easy to be a perfumer. Not everyone can do it. You need an extraordinary, very sensitive nose to be able to be a perfumer genius. You need to be extremely creative to know which scent might go well when combined with a wide variety of other aromas. That is what perfumers do best. We have selected a random few perfumers, so you could learn a bit more about them and their work. Show your appreciation. They earned it!

Feeling lucky? Here are a few random fragrances from our database

This section is supposed to enable you to find some interesting perfumes that you did not know existed. This might not be the most practical way to find your new favorite perfume, but it is an interesting thing to do. Explore, browse, get to know what is out there. Perfume bottle design might be the most relevant factor to pick here. Kidding aside, you can inspect perfume scent reviews combined with longevity and compliments reviews for all of these perfumes. That way, you will be able to find perfumes that are good with ease. We made it possible to find good smelling and behaving perfumes even in the sea of randomness. Enjoy the ride of exploration and mystery!